Blogging templates

Blogging has not been the "thing" for me, other than to blow of steam, but I want my blog to look sorta the way *I* want it to look like... let's not yet get into privacy for me using... okay let's get to the point.

I want to just slightly modify the layout. I want a right hand sidebar, with a 2-1-2 layout, ie. 2 widget next to each other, then a single wide widget, and eventually 2 more widgets next to each other... that's easy, just a bit of <div>ing and all should be fine! Oops, it's a whole "template language" itself, so let's try to dissect it. So I delved into it and found the <b:section-contents..>, their xml closing tags, the <b:widgets..> with their closing tags, I massged their positioning, their numbers and NON-voila!

I got a section with id "sidebar-right-1-1" does not exist error when trying to save/upload/restore the newly created XML. Time to use Blogger's search pal Google: Nothing, nada. Okay. let's debug the code and search for sidebar-right-1 (which was the original tag/id) NADA!
 Right, Let's Google some different tack about the template language, and up pops a "teplate from scratch" describing a <b:section class= id=> tag. Searching for that, I got this line:

    <b:section mexpr:class='data:col.class' mexpr:id='data:col.idPrefix + &quot;-1&quot;' preferred='yes' showaddelement='yes'/>
 Now, please somebody try to tell me where in the code I can find those mexpr: as it looks like one of those fancy Javascript includes needs to be dissected to find what and where and how this template have been desgined. 

 Let's rephrase this: Hevisko, you want your own template layout, go learn Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, <insert caffeine addiction of choice><framework of choice><scripting language of choice>, CSS, HTML and sanity --- in that specific order.

Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]