Crashes and Crisuses

Ah, that bliss!!!!

The Bliss of saying: "I've recall vaguely mentioning something related to this.... but then as nobody listened, I forgot about it..."

The fun of saying: "I've warned you months ago, and now that it happened, what are you going to do to help me get this sorted???"

I've seen it before, I've witnessed it now... and when things do happen, you can just shake your head, get your kite, and phone the weatherman to go get a good windy spot... at least then you *want* to catch the wind... not like in the datacentres where the highest trees gets all the wind.... and the smoke, and the dust and the .... let's leave it there, I don't want to get a PG rating yet.

But please forgive me, I need to go watch some more paint dry.

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Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]