iPXE pxeboot and Linux (The 40+ year old explanation)

Okay, I'm over the hill, and it starts to show, but after a morning's caffeine usage to get to the gist behind it, here are a few pointers and experiences to get a tutorial going.

  1. You are intelligent enough to setup tftp server
  2. Your brains don't freeze on a DHCP server's config files
  3. You are purveyed with tcpdump, dhcpdump and strace
  4. You can configure and server HTTP pages with whatever means you like.

Thus, I'm not going to detail the above to bore nor confuse, but rather help you with the iPXE understandings (and freshening your linux kernel parameters :) )

The other assumptions:

  • You have a PXE enabled BIOS/network adapter and want to chainload iPXE from it with a UNDI stack
The basic idea/process:

  1. Have your PXE network adapter, get a DHCP IP and information about the next image to load. This will be undionly.kpxe (You could do an ipxelinux.0, but that's adding complexity for now)
    1. The normal PXE understands TFTP, so you'll add the following parameters to give to the client:
    2. next-server "ip_of_tftp_server";
    3. filename "undionly.kpxe"
and right here I fell asleep and decided I'll wait for the digital KVM module for the Dell 1955 blades...

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Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]