Engineer Syndrome

I had a mentor that once said he is only aware of two syndromes that computers have. The one is the closed box syndrome, and the other the engineer syndrome. For when the engineer is on-site it works, and when you test it while it's all opened up, it works. But boy-oh-boy... just wait for the engineer to leave the site, or the box to be closed shut.

I just wished I can get paid for "staying on site, doing nothing while the system is too scared to do anything wrong" when put on my invoices :(

As I personally have to stay away from caffeine/stimulants (You want to scrape me of the roofs and walls???), I sometimes get the feeling that IT guys do get addicted to caffeine because it's the cheapest and most widely available hallucinogen available, as after a couple of cups of coffee, you'll not care anymore about the boss's problems, as your mind is so charged and ready to attack the next beast/enemy in Doom3/Quake/Half-Life/etc.


Documentation, Where is your end?
When will I not need to worry about you?
Why can't we just do the job without it?

PS: I'm hating it to do it myself, but love to criticise when it's missing ;)

Triple Ds, done with 3G and then... the dreaded TT

Got this nice email with a Garfield on the couch, with the saying:

"Vandag moet jy die Triple D doen
- Daag op
- Delegeer
- Disappear
So I then when I arrived home for lunchtime I checked the 3G
- Gearriveer
- Gedelegeer
- Gewaai"

The only problem in IT is that dreaded TT, as I got this frantic (if I may I add the obvious :() call that they can't dial.... when the system (as expected) "fixed" itself (other than this morning's chanting to psyche up the sales agents) and (if I may again be forgiven for adding the obvious) while I was on the phone.

Let me explain I then had to go: "Terug na werk Te laat die aand"... oh of course that is the only time I could install another version (beta/test/development) to see how it'll cope today.

At least I had the privilege this morning to watch the sun rise over the Durbanville/Tygerhills while driving along the N7 into city.

Admin and work

Yes, It's Monday and it's blue,

I need to get some project plans and admin work sorted,

"Honey, sent the PA... Noooo!!!!! NOT the sexy blonde, I need work done today!!!! :("

So, let's see how this day will go, "hold thumbs, we aren't there yet kids."

.. especially not, while waiting for a director to make time so that you can get the info to get the job done... I'm going to like the invoice, but they aren't :(

Whoops :(
Just noticed it's *NOT* MOnday but Tuesday... blame the HEritage Day public holiday for that... but the feeling(s) are still Monday BLues

Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]