Triple Ds, done with 3G and then... the dreaded TT

Got this nice email with a Garfield on the couch, with the saying:

"Vandag moet jy die Triple D doen
- Daag op
- Delegeer
- Disappear
So I then when I arrived home for lunchtime I checked the 3G
- Gearriveer
- Gedelegeer
- Gewaai"

The only problem in IT is that dreaded TT, as I got this frantic (if I may I add the obvious :() call that they can't dial.... when the system (as expected) "fixed" itself (other than this morning's chanting to psyche up the sales agents) and (if I may again be forgiven for adding the obvious) while I was on the phone.

Let me explain I then had to go: "Terug na werk Te laat die aand"... oh of course that is the only time I could install another version (beta/test/development) to see how it'll cope today.

At least I had the privilege this morning to watch the sun rise over the Durbanville/Tygerhills while driving along the N7 into city.

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