To err is human... REALLY foul up things, you need a computer.

The things is, computers don't make mistakes, the problem is that it's humans that designed, build and programmed these in fallible machines. And the worst part about these mistakes?? The computers are so fast that your error gets compounded millions times a second :(

Yes, that's right, yours truly made some mistakes... (call it stress or whatever you'd like to call it)

The fun again is that the call recordings have been deleted before I could get the break signal to reach the remote machine. Even worse... I was so stressed out with some other human's programming/design errors that I missed the full disk space :( But then again, I've been complaining about the storage solution for so long and I just go it the temporary stuff in lately :(

Yes, there have been times I know I shouldn't have given in to customer demand, as it stressed me out, and I didn't get to think... but then there is life after IT, and yes, it got a noun I can name: WOMAN... if those things just could be programed like I program my red laptop, I wouldn't have been worrying about that noun... but let's leave that for another day, another place... I need to continue with the recovery process.

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Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]