Admin and work

Yes, It's Monday and it's blue,

I need to get some project plans and admin work sorted,

"Honey, sent the PA... Noooo!!!!! NOT the sexy blonde, I need work done today!!!! :("

So, let's see how this day will go, "hold thumbs, we aren't there yet kids."

.. especially not, while waiting for a director to make time so that you can get the info to get the job done... I'm going to like the invoice, but they aren't :(

Whoops :(
Just noticed it's *NOT* MOnday but Tuesday... blame the HEritage Day public holiday for that... but the feeling(s) are still Monday BLues

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Agent-J said...

hmmm.. seems you suffer from what most IT people suffer from...

er.. you what what by when ? but you've provided zero info .. AND youre going to take no responsibility and youre going to claim all the credit and get the com on it.. ;)

Mac OSX settings to not forget

[pre class="prettyprint"] sudo spctl --master-disable [/pre]